ChargePoint by National Radon Defense

Our mission at ChargePoint by National Radon Defense is to harness the power of technology to make business life easier. We want to create a better world for our clients, and we want them to be proud of the products and services we provide. 

We believe that technology can empower people and organizations to do more. That’s why we are committed to building innovative, cutting-edge products in the payments industry. 

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ePN Mobile Solutions

ePN offers a complete suite of mobile products and services for the on-the-go merchant, enabling them to succeed in today’s competitive market. A simple download from the app store and you can securely process any form of electronic payment from virtually anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

  • Using the ePNMobilePro Encrypted Reader can qualify you for swiped rates.
  • Sensitive card data is never stored on the device, which maximizes security
  • Download transactions with ePNSync
  • Supports encrypted card readers, cash drawers, external receipt printers, and barcode scanning
  • Allows for inventory sales and signature capture
  • Multiple devices can be consolidated in a single account

Email Invoicing

ePNBillPay, the integrated online Bill Payment Solution from eProcessing Network, allows merchants to manage their accounts receivable online, generate and distribute email invoices, and receive electronic payments – without the additional costs of maintaining a separate website or purchasing expensive accounting software.

Recurring Payments

Our optional recurring transaction processing service allows merchants to easily sell merchandise in installment payments, or offer products and services to their clientele on a subscription or membership basis. ePNRecur makes it easy to create recurring transactions. You may:

Create a recurring sale from an existing transaction in the merchant account history.

Set the Amount of the recurring transaction to be different than the original sale amount.

Customize the interval at which transactions should recur, such as: weekly, monthly, 60, 90 days, etc.

Set a specific number of times you want a recur to charge, or just set as indefinite.