Our Mission

At ChargePoint, we are a merchant-focused company, providing the best technology solutions that help merchants and financial institutions grow their business. As we help our clients grow, we also help communities and economies grow by enabling easier, faster and more secure commerce.

We Embrace Innovation, Collaboration and Change

We stand at the center of the fast-paced payments ecosystem, collaborating to deliver next-generation technology and help our clients grow their businesses.

We Are Competitive in All the Right Ways

Winning in the marketplace through sales and service is how we measure our team’s success, reflecting a culture that puts our clients first and contributes to our company-wide meritocracy.

We Demonstrate Vigilance, Ethics and Integrity

We are guided at our core by an ethical compass to do the right thing, recognizing that, as leaders in the industry of moving money, we bear a unique responsibility to our clients to always protect their interests.

We Work Hard and Enjoy the Journey We Embark On

We are proud of our innovation and unique approach to the marketplace, but it’s the exciting years ahead, powered by a diverse, inclusive and caring team, that drive our continued transformation for our clients.

Processing with a Purpose

At ChargePoint, our focus is on shaping the future of commerce, making it simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding. We connect merchants with single source payment processing solutions. The world of payment processing evolves daily, and our global technology leadership and our partnerships with financial institutions reduce fraud and drive smarter commerce for our businesses. 

We Have All You Processing Needs!

  • Card and Check Acceptance Solutions
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Mobile Commerce Solutions
  • Loyalty and Prepaid Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Point of Operating Systems
  • Debit Processing
  • Security, Risk & Fraud Solutions
  • Information, Analytics & Reporting Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Credit Care Terminals
  • Blockchain Technologies 
  • And More!