ePNFraud Protection

ePN Fraud Protection is an integral and built-in piece of the ePNSecure product offering. We believe it to be so essential, that it’s included with every type of merchant gateway account our company offers, because you cannot put a price on peace of mind.

  • AVS, or Address Verification System – verifies whether the street address and zip code entered by your customer is the same as what the cardholder’s issuing bank has on file.
  • CVV2, or Card Verification Code – allows a merchant to verify that the cardholder does in fact have the card in his or her possession.
  • Block Specific Integrations – allows merchants to specify which integration types to allow (i.e. Web Order Forms, TDBE/API, Shopping Carts, etc.).
  • Disable Refunds – allows merchants to specifically decline any refunds coming from an API.
  • Block specific IP Addresses – merchants can restrict all access to the TDBE/API or Authorize.Net integration.
  • Velocity Controls – allows merchants to specify the maximum number of approved or declined transactions per IP address within a specified time period (i.e. minutes). This feature deters hackers and fraudsters from using your website to test a list of stolen or fraudulent credit card numbers.
  • Customized Control – allows merchants to determine if a transaction should be handled as a ‘Sale’, ‘Auth Only’,or ‘Auth Convert’.
  • Convert transactions – allow transactions to convert automatically to ‘Sale’ (or leave as ‘Outstanding’) depending on (18) different AVS and (6) CVV2 criteria.